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Lovely reviews I've seen this week

Here's another book I've been hearing good things about and want to read: THE FLIGHT OF GEMMA HARDY by Margot Livesey. 

Rebecca Barnhouse posted over on Verla Kay: "I just read Margot Livesey's wonderful THE FLIGHT OF GEMMA HARDY, a retelling of JANE EYRE. I sank into it and didn't resurface until the last page. And then I was bereft, having finished." The New York Times says that the book is "a kind of continued conversation, a 'recasting' of both JANE EYRE and Livesey’s own childhood. Set mostly in Scotland in the late 1950s and ’60s, the narrative follows the fortunes of a young girl, Gemma Hardy, who is beset by bad luck."

Margot Livesey's website: http://www.margotlivesey.com/

Speaking of Rebecca Barnhouse, I also want to read her new book, the historical fantasy PEACEWEAVER, which releases soon. The cover is compelling and immediate.

I was moved by her very excellent THE BOOK OF THE MAIDSERVANT. [VOYA praised BOTM: "Earthy, authentic, and engrossing, this fast-paced, easy read belongs on the shelf with Karen Cushman's THE MIDWIFE'S APPRENTICE (Clarion, 1995/VOYA August 1995) and CATHERINE, CALLED BIRDIE (Clarion, 1994/VOYA June 1994)."]

KIRKUS REVIEWS praises the setting of PEACEWEAVER and says that readers will want to "spend more time in this fascinating, distant place." VOYA writes that "fantasy readers will enjoy this epic journey with a strong female protagonist." Random Musings of a Bibliophile calls it "historical fantasy at its best."

Rebecca's website: http://www.rebeccabarnhouse.com/
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